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Re: latex mode, nexted subscripts are unreadable

From: Tim Hesterberg
Subject: Re: latex mode, nexted subscripts are unreadable
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2007 17:48:48 -0700

Jason provided some additional information privately:
>The Bitstream Vera family of fonts can be downloaded from
>Cleartype is only an option in Windows XP and later, and generally only
>looks good on (most) LCD monitors, due to assumptions it makes about the
>layout of colors within the pixel.
>To switch it on, open the Display control panel, go to the Appearances
>tab and click "Effects..." It should be in the dropdown selection on the
>second option from the top.

He also suggesting using Lucida Console instead of Courier New.

ClearType does fix the nested suscript problem (with Courier New),
but makes me feel like I'm on acid - my white text gets pink and
blue hues.  I'll try his other solutions.

Jason Rumney <address@hidden> wrote:
>Karl Berry wrote:
>> Hi Tim,
>> Thanks for the report.
>>     the nested suscripts are visible, but are still too tiny for comfort.
>>     And they're not clearly visible - the gray letters end up with most of
>>     the pixels light gray and a few of them darker.
>> Unfortunately neither I nor Juri were able to reproduce this on our
>> (non-Windows) systems.  
>> Is there an Emacs developer who works on Windows who could look into this?
>It depends on the font used and the antialiasing settings of the system.
>I imagine you could reproduce it on X in the emacs-unicode-2 branch with
>the xft font backend enabled, some tinkering with /etc/fonts/fonts.conf
>(or whatever the fontconfig configuration file is on your system) and
>Courier New or a similar poorly designed truetype font.
>I can only reproduce the problem with Courier New and "standard"
>antialiasing. Switching to Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, or changing to
>"Cleartype" sub-pixel antialiasing (on and LCD screen) both make the
>problem disappear.

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