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Re: Error with latexenc and vc

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: Error with latexenc and vc
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 20:05:23 -0500

Hi Nate,

    Now when I type C-x v v, I get the error message
    (wrong-type-argument arrayp nil)

Thanks for your report.  However, I can't reproduce this with a stock
Emacs 22.1 -- instead, Emacs says "checking out template.tex", and makes
it writable, as should happen.

Does the problem still happen if you invoke Emacs with 
  emacs -q --no-site template.tex
instead of just "emacs"?  I'm wondering if you could perhaps be loading
some older packages, or have something in your init files that is
overriding the Emacs distribution's code.


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