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Re: Standard error output in Emacs

From: Milind Ganjoo
Subject: Re: Standard error output in Emacs
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 2007 13:54:08 +0530

>     The standard error output from programs like DJGPP's gcc is not
>     captured by Emacs. When compiling a C++ source file using gpp in
>     Emacs, a compile error results in an abnormal exit code of 2, but the
>     *Compilation* buffer does not show the exact errors.
> We do not use DJGPP.
> Please show us the precise error messages that are not recognized.

The `exact errors' that I am referring to are simply syntax error
messages. For example, say I compile a C++ source file, containing syntax
errors, with `M-x compile' and `gpp -o test.exe test.cc', the
*compilation* buffer does not show the syntax errors; it merely
indicates that `compilation exited abnormally'. A similar thing
happens with all DJGPP programs that I run through the Emacs shell:
the standard error output is not displayed.

On Mr Zaretskii's advice, I tried using the MinGW compiler through
Emacs to compile my source file, and it is presenting all the
syntax errors and other error messages. It seems as if Emacs is not
receiving standard error output from DOS programs like DJGPP.

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