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Re: gud-mode --annotate=3 and synchronization problems

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: gud-mode --annotate=3 and synchronization problems
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 2007 19:08:32 +1200

 > OK, I just took the one from CVS (with no gdb-ready variable) and tested 
 > a bit with different configurations and I don't have any synchronization 
 > problems remaining.
 > I have seen that the default behavior is now 'gdb' with no option which 
 > I think to be much better (one generally removes the --annotate=3 option).

If you remove the --annotate=3 option M-x gdb will just behave like the command
line with the tool bar and keybindings, i.e., no source will be displayed.

 > However, I have tested with the --annotate=3 option and I have seen that 
 > navigation through files is broken. In fact, it is due to the file 
 > location: it tries to open the file within directory "$(pwd)/source 
 > ${REAL_LOCATION}" (strings concatenation).

Is REAL_LOCATION an environment variable or meta-language?

 > Note that gud-mode also behaves as gdb outside emacs, i.e. outputting 
 > those ^Z characters and current operation (pre-prompt, starting, 
 > breakpoint, etc.) sequence. I do not know if it is normal, but to me

This shouldn't happen.  Does anybody else see these problems?

 > Anyways, to me, it seems much better this way since one is not lost with 
 > options (s)he never used before and since the use of gdb is now much easier.

If by "this way" you mean 'gdb' with no option, you might as well use GDB
from the command line as you won't get many of the features that GUD mode

Nick                                           http://www.inet.net.nz/~nickrob

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