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mac-reverse-ctrl-meta and "Mac-Style Key Bindings" broken

From: C Rose
Subject: mac-reverse-ctrl-meta and "Mac-Style Key Bindings" broken
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 11:47:24 +0000


I've just downloaded the Carbon Build of Emacs (the Universal binary distributed via Apple's website, I'm running it on a G3 iBook) and have found that (setq mac-reverse-ctrl-meta t) does not work (as in previous builds). This
is important on laptops because the the ctrl key is tiny and in an
awkward position, while the keys assigned to Meta by default (the
Apple Command, aka Apple, aka Clover Leaf keys) are the equivalent to
ctrl for Mac users.

In addition, while the Help -> Carbon Emacs Package -> Mac-Style Key
Bindings option works in the forward direction (i.e. turning it on),
it doesn't work in the reverse direction (turning it off)---which
yields an error.

Thanks in advance.


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