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Re: save-some-buffers "^R" needs simpler alternative

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: save-some-buffers "^R" needs simpler alternative
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006 16:41:29 -0700
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Dan Jacobson wrote:
Using save-some-buffers, if the user types "?" (which should be listed
along with C-h),

Why? `y', `n', and `q' also have alternative bindings that aren't listed. See the multiple bindings for act, skip, and exit in
query-replace-map (which is used by map-y-or-n-p, which is called by

he sees:
^R to display the current buffer;

Does anyone know whether Emacs 22 displays `^R' or `C-r'?

Which is fact unmentioned recursive edit mode, not just "displaying"!

Indeed!  perform-replace (which is called by query-replace) displays:

C-r to enter recursive edit (C-M-c to get out again)

Emacs 22 uses save-some-buffers-action-alist, which says "view this
file".  I think "view this file in recursive edit (C-M-c to return)"
would be better.

Furthermore, if that was a gnus draft, he will be in even weirder

No comment.

I would add an additional choice to just go to that buffer and forget
about continuing save-some-buffers.

`C-r C-M-c' is close, but it restores the original window configuration. :-)

Kevin Rodgers

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