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howz going

From: Dirk X. Allen, VI
Subject: howz going
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 21:14:12 +0600

Hey address@hidden,

We are  C0 mmitted to provide aqua lity waitches.

aGIFT that lasts forever

You will be able to wear your oREP lica wa tch for years. 


COPY the Address below and paste in your WEBe browser:



Make of my pass a road to the light .
To me a painted paroquet.
And Orchards -- unbereft --.
GM's reliance on cash incentives to sell its vehicles has only added to the 
company's problems..
and the results of your conversion will be displayed..
Gnarled, twisted, and curled, the nails yellow and claw-like, it is as if,

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