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emacsclient --eval has slightly counterintuititve behaviour.

From: occ
Subject: emacsclient --eval has slightly counterintuititve behaviour.
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2006 00:39:15 +0000

I've noticed something which may be a bug in the  -eval command in the
handling in the emacsclient/server. 

Summary: "emacsclient --eval" never returns if the passed elisp string
is invalid or fails. 

Version:  CVS (as of today) 

emacsclient.emacs-snapshot --eval some_invalid_elisp

emacs *Messages* report: 
error in process filter: Symbol's value as variable is void:

(which is to be expected) 

emacsclient then sits there indefinitely trying to read from the server

Expected result: at the very least emacsclient should return, at best
return with an error. 

Is there ever a way for an lisp expression invoked from emacsclient  to
write stuff back to emacsclient?  If not then having --eval -->
--no-wait in emacsclient would be sufficient to solve the problem. 

(although i think making the server always respond with at least a empty
write when it is invoked without -nowait is the polite thing to do) 

owen cliffe (postgraduate)          Email: address@hidden
Department of Computer Science        Web: http://www.cs.bath.ac.uk/~occ
Univ. Bath, Bath, England BA2 7AY      Tel: (+44) 1225 386183

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