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Possible Windows emacs bug

From: Vilar Camara Neto
Subject: Possible Windows emacs bug
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 10:31:56 -0300
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I'm writing to report a possible bug in emacs for Windows.

I'm under Windows 2000.  I downloaded the last Emacs' development
version from http://www.crasseux.com/emacs/.  Typing M-x emacs-version

  GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.0.2195) of 2005-04-16 on LAPTOP

After a fresh installation, no .emacs file present in my system, I ran
'runemacs.exe', issued M-x ispell-change-dictionary and the only option
available is "default", although the variable ispell-dictionary-alist is
full of options.

Even more strange is:  if I do M-x customize-variable
ispell-dictionary-alist, after the "State:" button there's a message
saying "NO CUSTOMIZATION DATA; you should not see this.".

Under my previous emacs version, 21.3.1 of 2004-03-10, the "State:"
message is "this option is unchanged from its standard setting.", as
expected.  And M-x ispell-change-dictionary works.

Best regards,
Vilar Camara Neto

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