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From: joseph_m333
Subject: Farmers
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 18:37:21 -0400
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My Alternative Email Address:address@hidden

Greetings from the beautiful land of Zimbabwe.

I am Joseph Made of Lands, Agriculture, & Rural Resettlement ministry of

As a member of cabinet and former stuanch supporter of President Mugabe's
government I was opportuned to be in the know as to what led to the struggle
for farm lands and subsequent fall out of my government with the Western world.
As of today I would be more than glad if the case of what happened can be
reversed as I have come to see that it was all in pursuit of the selfish
interest of one man, the president!

After all said and done, it has become obvious that my president like any other
African leader needed to make sure that he remains in power to not just
consolidate his fortunes but also to make sure that he bleeds the country to
death by siphoning the money meant for developmental infrastrure abroad. Of
course with the help of some foreigners who do not see anythng wrong in helping
him steal the country blind.

 I may very well be sounding like a disgruntled and dis-appointed person but the
truth is that he has shifted his gaze from the foreigners to his own very
people. He sees any suggestions or opinions that does not agree with his own
has been that of a saboteur and the person therefore must be punished. In other
words, we the followers have come to realise that he feels threatened by not
just our presence but coupled with the fact that most of us are privy to what
transpired and are very much aware of the movement of large sums of money

As it stands now I and many others are of the strong opinion that sooner or
later it will be our turn to be flushed out of the composition of members of
cabinet and replaced with loyals who obviously have sworn to an oath of
allegiance and loyalty via fetish and ritualistic methods. This being the norm
does not appeal to some of us and therefore we are now targets to be
dismissed/disgraced from service or face possible extermination.

I have contacted you on the consideration that I could discuss with you the
possibility of placing some funds with you for management purpose either in
your existing establishment or other venture to be undertaken after due
delibrations and under terms to be agreed upon. I will prefers that this
investment be made in your country if and when we have arrived at a compromise.

I sincerely appologise for writing you via this means even without prior
established acquaintance. But I do beleive that as we get along you will come
to understand the reason for my writing through this means.

I thank you for taking time to read my letter and hope that you will respond
soon with any inquiries that may help you decide on your next line of action.

Joseph Made.

My Alternative Email Address:address@hidden

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