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minibuffer: just expand up to point

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: minibuffer: just expand up to point
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005 03:02:34 +0800

In the minibuffer (sounds like Austin Powers' "Mini me"), If my cursor
is at the end of the "shi" in
and I hit TAB, it would be nice if the expansion to
would occur.  Indeed, even if Makefile didn't exist there, it should
occur.  Therefore, upon TAB, just expand things before point. I guess.
I wonder if doing that would detract from any present functionality?
We could always put the cursor at the end of line, where it usually
is, if we want the current behavior.
Seems good for everything, not only filenames.
Gee, only 30 seconds of thought and I came up with another big
breakthrough.  You guys double check for me if this is all wise.
"Don't CC me, it's all over my head."

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