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Inside Tips From The Talk Radio Specialists

From: Marsha Friedman
Subject: Inside Tips From The Talk Radio Specialists
Date: Wed, 6 Apr 2005 11:04:19 -0400

How Talk Radio Interviews Can

Enhance Your Sales Campaigns

Inside Tips From The Talk Radio Specialists

             Talk radio began its ascent to becoming a key promotion tool in the early 1990s with well-known hosts like Don Imus, Howard Stern, and Larry King interviewing political figures, doctors discussing health problems, newsmakers, and authors of all kinds of books.

              As a result of this phenomenon, talk radio became a very effective means of marketing a consumer oriented product or service.  And now, it truly is one of the most cost effective ways to obtain massive, immediate and detailed exposure to millions of people around the country.   Here's why:

            1.  You don’t have to travel to do the interviews as they’re all done by phone.

2.  Most interviews are live, and allow for Q&A from listeners.

3.      With interviews ranging from ten to sixty minutes, you have the time necessary to explain the benefits of your product or service.

4.      You can give out a website address, a toll free number, or direct listeners to a local store to purchase your product.

But the good news doesn’t stop here!  The demographics are also very powerful – talk a look at the survey results from Talkers Magazine that describe the talk radio listener.

             1.  With regard to age, “A majority of the talK radio

               audience is 35 -64”

 2.  “Economically, talk radio’s audience is considered to be the most affluent.  42% of the talk radio audience has a household income in excess of $60,000 per year, and 62% earn over $50,0000.

3.      “Relative to other forms of mass media, the talk radio audience is clearly one of the most educated - 35% have graduated with a four-year college degree.”

 4.      “ ..the gap between men and women in the audience has narrowed by two more percentage points, bringing it to 54% male / 46% female.”

             With talk radio being one of the main sources of information for intelligent, active and affluent people around the country, it’s a perfect forum for educating listeners about your product or service and to trigger their emotional buying responses.  

So what’s the catch? 

The problem is, with over 6,000 radio shows seeking guest interviews; the amateur in radio has no way of knowing which shows are the most influential. 

             When we first started in this business fifteen years ago, we strived to cultivate relationships with only those shows in the top 100 markets.  At one point, we wouldn’t even consider putting a client on a show if the market was smaller than top 100, even if it was a 50,000-watt station!  We incorrectly assumed that the client's time was best spent staying in these markets.  But, we quickly learned there are some excellent shows in some of the smaller markets that bring rave results and shouldn’t be ignored. 

             For example, our clients do radio interviews all across the country, many in top markets.   But, a show in Chico, California time after time provides the best response ever!  The reason?  Well, the host on this particular station has a very dedicated following and the show can be heard throughout all of Northern California! 

            Another key factor to our success with talk radio is that it is a specialty, and we’re specialists.  We schedule 50 to 100 radio interviews week after week.  So, unless someone is talking with hosts and producers at radio stations every day, eight hours a day, they simply can’t develop the kind of relationships necessary for booking guests on a regular basis. Nor would they know the best shows for their topic.  We know radio, so much so, that we've been told by many hosts we’re the tops in giving them all the tools they need to have a great show! 

             Mike Cavanaugh, talk show host at WSB in Atlanta said, "When one of my guests asked me to recommend a good publicity firm, I told him 'if it were for me, I'd use Event Management.'  They are the best!"

So, if you have a consumer oriented product or service; have national distribution - or just interested in generating leads to your web site – call me at 727-443-7115 x208 or e-mail me at address@hidden.   

Don’t forget – we’re not paid for “best efforts”.  We’re paid for the number of radio interviews we arrange for you!  And, keep in mind - our service comes with a money-back guarantee….


Marsha Friedman, President

Event Management Services
519 Cleveland St., Suite 205
Clearwater, FL 33755
727-443-7115 x 208
727-443-0835 fax

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