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Re: Bug in copyright-update

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Bug in copyright-update
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 2005 01:20:47 +0200
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"Bingham, Jay" <address@hidden> writes:

> In Emacs 21.3 the documentation for copyright-update (in copyright.el)
> states:
> If optional prefix ARG is given replace the years in the notice rather
> than adding the current year after them.
> However his is not what occurs, instead the word copyright is deleted
> and replaced with the current year.
> The offending sexp is:
> (delete-region (match-beginning 1) (match-end 1))
> It should be:
> (delete-region (match-beginning 2) (match-end 2))

Thanks for your report.  I've fixed the problem in CVS Emacs.


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