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Re: "consider M-x recover-file" too important to just flash

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: "consider M-x recover-file" too important to just flash
Date: Sun, 03 Apr 2005 06:04:17 +0800

>> Hard problem to crack though...
Ted> Emacs has the modeline, which is appropriate because it belongs to the
Ted> buffer in question, so it's not a global alert.  A flashing (or
Ted> otherwise noticeable) message in the modeline might help.
No. No. No. You may be looking at the modeline, but I don't. Plus it
may be obscured.  What is obvious to you may not be to others, and
colors, blinks, etc. might not be "seen" by all users all the time.

The answer is simple and occurs 1000 times in emacs already at much
less important times: the user should be asked in the minibuffer how
to proceed. And an accidental RET or SPC etc. should not be considered
an answer.

Only a (setq recover-file-warnings 'ho-hum) should avoid the question.

RMS> It's a secondary issue.
Yes, No need for "OK?" screens. But do make sure the user gives his
informed consent to ignore the newer #backup#, which currently happens
these days as there are too many ways for a user to not see certain
message amongst so many others these days. Etc.

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