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From: luisa_a
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 19:52:21 -0500
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My Dear, 

I got your contact address through 
internet browsing in my search for a reliable and 
trustworthy person who will assist me in a business investment 
venture in your country I am MRS. CEDIA D. ASTRADA 
the wife of MR.JOSEPH ASTRADA the former president of 
Philliphine located in the Southeast Asia. 
My husband was recently impeached from office by 
a backed uprising of mass demostration and the senate parliament. 
The present government has enforced my husband out of office 
for Manila to avoid demonstration by his supporters. 
During my husband regime as president of Phillipine I realised millions 
of dollars from various projects I executed successfully I had plans 
to > invest this money for future on real estate and industrial production. 
My husband is not aware of this because I wish to do it secretly 
now. Before my husband was impeached from office 
I secretly deposited this money valued at about $30 millon us dollar 
with a security that deals with transhipment of value googs through a 
diplomatic courier services to the adhoc offices. The consignment or 
boxes I declared owned by my foreign business partner. 
I wish to give you 20% out of the total sum if 
You will be willing to assist me claim money and invest 
the money as I assumed you 100% risk free business 
transaction I am trusting you as a God fearing 
person that will not sit on my fund when it get into 
your account but rather assist me in this business 

This business demands absolute secrecy and confidentiality as such it's 
my considered opinion that all correspondence shall be via email because 
my lines are connected to the philliphine telecommunication network services. 

I will furnish you with more details (documents) 
when I receive your positive response wishing you a long lasting business 



Please reply to my private email:address@hidden

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