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set-window-vscroll flaky?

From: D . Goel
Subject: set-window-vscroll flaky?
Date: 25 Feb 2003 12:11:01 -0500
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I can get set-window-vscroll to work from M-: or from inside functions
containing that one single command.


(defun vel-scroll-up-fractional (partial)
    (set-window-vscroll nil partial))

works just fine when partial is 0.5


(defun vel-scroll-up (amount partial)   
  (scroll-up amount)    
  (set-window-scroll nil partial))

where amount is 0 and acc is 0.5.  (the first one is a dummy line
supposed to do nothing here..)

And the problem is that second line seems to have no effect at all.

In other words, I cannot get set-window-scroll to do anything except
interactively in a function all by itself.  Any hints on what i am
doing wrong?  Does it work for anyone?


And even when it works in the "function all by itself", it does not
work when that function is called by another function: 

(defun vel-scroll-up (amount acc)       
  (scroll-up amount)    
  (vel-scroll-up-fractional acc))

and then eval (vel-scroll-up 0 0.5) but nothing happens -- the
vel-scroll-up-fractional in the function doesn't seem to do anyting :(

even though M-: (vel-scroll-up-fractional 0.5) works. 

(tried using emacs cvs and emacs21.2) in X where (frame-char-height)
was 14.


DG                                 http://gnufans.net/

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