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Re: Makefile mode comment color didn't notice backslash continuation

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: Makefile mode comment color didn't notice backslash continuation
Date: 04 Feb 2003 09:00:32 +0800
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P> Personally I believe this is wrong as well, but suggest a different
P> solution: none of this text should be colorized as a comment.

hmm, indeed, this is Makefile mode, not shell-script mode.  On the
other hand, one could say that me making a fuss about this ended up in
'emacs taking its toys and going home', leaving me with less colors
than i started. however it is probably better. however maybe there
should still be a makefile-show-shell-comments-too variable one could
turn on so I won't run out of things to find bugs in :-)

P> In the above example _none_ of that text is a makefile comment, because
P> the entirety of any line beginning with a TAB is considered a command
P> script, and make does not do any comment processing on command script
P> lines (it can't, actually).

P.S. if there is no TAB on the last line, it is indeed not colored, as
to your specs...

P> In short (too late...) the font-locking in makefile mode should ignore
P> everything except make variables for colorization in a line that begins
P> with a TAB (that's what make does, after all...)

I think you mean makefile mode need not bother itself with any detail
of lines beginning with tab, i.e. the only comment color in
$ cat Makefile
e=z #ppp
        echo $e
        f=g date
would be #ppp
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