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[feature request] smooth scrolling

From: Jérôme Bouat
Subject: [feature request] smooth scrolling
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 2003 23:15:58 +0100
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I posted a question on news:gnu.emacs.help
but the answers didn't give me the way to resolve my problem.

I would like a progressive scrolling in emacs.
I like this feature because
it is easier to read a text
when it doesn't jump
(even for a jump of one line).

I don't speek about:
(setq scroll-conservatively '1023)
but I want the progressive scrolling of each line as does:
(dotimes (i 20) (set-window-vscroll nil (* i 0.05)) (sit-for 0.05)).

I would like
an emacs option such as 'line-scrolling-duration'.
If setted to 0: as fast as possible (i.e. not smooth).
If setted to non 0 value:
the value would represent
the duration of the whole line scrolling.
In the last case,
the number of steps would be computed
so that each step would last 1/25 second.


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