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Buffer Menu updated

From: Daniel Pfeiffer
Subject: Buffer Menu updated
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 18:24:19 +0100

** Buffer Menu updated

*** It now has a header line that stays fixed, like Info.

*** First heading is now C(urrent-buffer/Command) R(ead-only) M(odified)

C was used, but missing.  The other two have been swapped to match mode-line.

*** Columns now retain a fixed size.

Buffer names, which are now bold by default, get truncated with a vertical
ellipsis `:'.  To make use of wider windows, the buffer and mode columns'
width can be customized.

*** Columns can be sorted.

This is currently only possible via `M-x set-variable Buffer-menu-sort-column'
to some number, like 2 for the buffer names or 5 for the files.  Somebody
should find time to do this by clicking on the column headers.

2002-12-13  Daniel Pfeiffer  <address@hidden>

        * buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu, Buffer-menu-use-header-line,
        Buffer-menu-buffer-face, Buffer-menu-buffer+size-width,
        Buffer-menu-mode-width): new customization
        * buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-sort-column): new var
        * buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-no-header): new function for not
        changing header line and recognizing swapped M&R columns, used by
        modifying commands in Buffer Menu
        * buff-menu.el (Buffer-menu-buffer+size): new function for
        variable width buffer name
        * buff-menu.el (list-buffers-noselect): rewritten for nicer menu

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