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Re: problem with hexlify-buffer

From: ian martins
Subject: Re: problem with hexlify-buffer
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 05:26:03 -0800

Are you sure you don't have an old hexl.el lurking somewhere along your
load-path? (Does "emacs -q -batch -f list-load-path-shadows" say >something about duplicate files?) This problem used to happen in >Emacs 20.x due to a bug, but that bug was fixed in Emacs 21, IIRC.

that command didn't say anything, but you are right. it was my fault.. I hadn't changed the load path in my .emacs file, so it was using the old stuff.

thank you so much, now I can return to the world that makes sense and emacs is infallible...

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