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Bug in the included spanish tutorial.

From: Hector Naves
Subject: Bug in the included spanish tutorial.
Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 18:55:06 +0800

         My name is Héctor and I`m from Spain. I`ve download the new Emacs 21 
and I saw that now is included a Spanish tutorial on the distribution, but when 
I read it I have to re-transalate it again to spanish!!! because the language 
used in this translation is a Spanglis used in Latinamerica, but not in Spain.

I would like contribute re-traslating the Tutorial to a ``clasic´´ Spanish, and 
also translate the reference card and the other *.tex docs to Spanish, because  
y know a lot of people here in the university that don`t use Emacs because the 
say that isn`t user friendly and does not included documentation in spanish.

Thanks for read this e-mail, and I very interested in do this, if is possible.


                Héctor Naves Sordo


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