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Widgets overwriting :menu-tag

From: Per Abrahamsen
Subject: Widgets overwriting :menu-tag
Date: Fri, 09 Nov 2001 12:07:15 +0100
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Some widget definitions set ":menu-tag", which overwrites the ":tag"
when used in a `choice' menu.  This causes a suboptimal user


(defcustom foobar "hi"
   :type '(choice (string :tag "A Name")
                  (repeat :tag "Many names" string)))

If you customize foobar, the [Value Menu] will contain two entries, 
"A Name" and "editable-list".  The programmer (and user) most likely
would expect the two menu entries to be "A Name" and "Many names".  

It is possible to solve this by explicitly specifying ":menu-tag" like

(defcustom foobar "hi"
   :type '(choice (string :tag "A Name")
                  (repeat :tag "Many names" :menu-tag "Many names" string)))

however, this requirement is highly surprising, and customize
specifications often don't do this.

I _believe_ this was done by me in the early stages of developing
customize, before it was integrated in Emacs, and that whatever reason
for doing this is no longer actual.

I'd like to install this patch in the trunk which solve the problem,
and hopefully create no new ones.  If it does create new problems, we
should find an alternative way to solve them.

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