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Proven Internet Seminar to generate 5-10 sales per month

From: info
Subject: Proven Internet Seminar to generate 5-10 sales per month
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 17:04:09 -0800

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        <title>Proven Internet Seminar to generate 5-10 sales consistently 
every month!</title>


<div align="center">

<p class="title">Super Agent Program - <a 

<p class="content">A real estate sales solution, which clearly defines proven 
business structure that top producing agents are using to achieve higher 
incomes in less time.</p>

<p class="content"><b>Martin Pahnke, Homelife, Toronto</b><br>
"In the past 12 months, my gross commission in real estate has increased 100%! 
I'm having my best year in the real estate business and I give a lot of credit 
to the 'Super Agent Program'.  If you are serious about successÂ…check out this 

<p class="content"><b>Cindy Macdonald, Re/Max Calgary</b><br>
"Since taking the Super Agent Program I've been able to cut down my time to 
about half, while keeping my volume up - in fact we've almost doubled it.  I've 
learned how to set monthly goals and we now consistently achieve those 

<p class="content"><b>Darlene Bertrum, Re/Max Calgary</b><br>
"I knew there had to be a more result driven way to sell Real EstateÂ… I am now 
getting more referrals from clients and in some cases, many referrals from one 
client. I strongly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about their 

<p class="title">"If you close one more deal this year...our seminar pays for 
5 to10 times over, 500% to 1000% ROI"</p>
<p class="content"><b><a 

<p class="title">---Top 5 reasons to take the Super Agent Program---</p>
<ul class="content">
<li>Generate 5-10 sales consistently for you each month.</li>
<li>Turning every existing client into $100,000 in future repeat and referral 
<li>Educate Sellers to List with you now, at the correct market price that will 
sell within 30 days.</li>
<li>Become a Geographic-Farming Specialist that captures the major share of 
listings in your area!</li>
<li>Extraordinary Knowledge Transfer Closing Techniques that will guarantee 

<p class="title">"Leave your cell phone on and take our proven seminar"</p>
<p class="content"><b><a 

<p class="content"><b>Grace Kidd, Re/Max Midland</b><br>"My goal has been to 
cut down the number of hours worked and increase production.  The Super Agent 
Program has given me my blueprint for success."</p>

<p class="title">---Find out the Super Agents' Secrets? ---</p>
<ul class="content">
<li>Develop the Super Agent Goal Achievement Techniques that consistently 
generate 5 to10 sales monthly and earn you a 6-figure annual income!</li>
<li>Follow a Time Management system where you will work less and Make more 
<li>Every past client can be worth $100,000 in repeat and referral business, 
learn how to harness this business!</li>
<li>Use Internet marketing reach, have a website so compelling that it captures 
an endless supply of prospects and ensures you will increase your sales and 

<p class="title">"No need to drive to this seminar...just turn on your 
<p class="content"><b><a 

<p class="content"><b>Marlene Swinton, Re/Max Calgary</b><br>"I have been a 
licensed realtor for many years.  The peaks and valleys are the frustration of 
our industry.  The Super Agent Program showed me how to set my goals and how to 
consistently meet them.  I have a plan in place and I will achieve what I wish 
to do."</p>

<ul class="content">
<li>Tired of the Peaks and Valleys?</li>
<li>Stressed out not knowing where the next deal will come?</li>
<li>Losing clients and listings to Top Producers?</li>
<li>Always struggling with making ends meet?</li>

<p class="title">"Solve these problems now"</p>
<p class="content"><b><a 




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