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Re: modeline face under a tty

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: modeline face under a tty
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 11:34:18 +0200

> From: "Edward O'Connor" <address@hidden>
> Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 13:20:09 -0500
> I have the following lines in the Customize block of my custom-file:
>  '(modeline ((t (:foreground "white" :background "darkslateblue"))))
>  '(modeline-buffer-id ((t (:foreground "white" :background "darkslateblue"))))
>  '(modeline-mousable ((t (:foreground "white" :background "darkslateblue"))))
>  '(modeline-mousable-minor-mode ((t (:foreground "white" :background 
> "darkslateblue"))))
> When I launch Emacs on a TTY with no arguments, Emacs inverse-videos
> the modeline, so it appears to have a white background and a blue
> foreground.

This is expected behavior on a TTY: due to the inverse-video
attribute, the colors are reversed.  It might seem surprising at
first, but given the different possibilities, including unspecified
colors for either fore- or the background on a TTY, I think this
behavior is the most consistent one.

>             [X] Inverse-video: [Value Menu] On
>             [X] Foreground: [Value Menu] Color: white       (sample)
>             [X] Background: [Value Menu] Color: darkslateblue  (sample)
>             [...]
> This is not what I want

You could simply swap the fore- and background colors in mode-line

> Now, here's where things get interesting: When I run Emacs with some
> file or files as command-line arguments, my modeline appears as I want
> it to, blue background and white foreground. When I M-x customize-face
> RET modeline RET now, it says this:
>             [...]
>             [ ] Inverse-video: [Value Menu] *
>             [X] Foreground: [Value Menu] Color: white       (sample)
>             [X] Background: [Value Menu] Color: darkslateblue  (sample)

It seems like I cannot reproduce this.  On what type of terminal did
you see this?  Was it a Unix or GNU/Linux console, an xterm, a telnet
client, or something else?  Also, what termcap/terminfo entry does
that terminal use?

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