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Re: C-g does not interrupt lisp code (emacs 21)

From: Philippe Waroquiers
Subject: Re: C-g does not interrupt lisp code (emacs 21)
Date: Mon, 29 Oct 2001 20:04:12 +0100 (MET)

> Does HPUX 11 support the Posix signals feature?
> What happens if you add  #define POSIX_SIGNALS to config.h
> and recompile?

When defining POSIX_SIGNALS in config.h, C-g is interrupting a lisp
infinite loop.

Details of what I did:
* first, configure emacs (as previously) and build emacs.
* reproduced the bug (while t) not interruptible.
* edited config.h in src directory, adding 
  #define POSIX_SIGNALS 1
 just after the #define EMACS_CONFIG_H
* make emacs again
* test again => C-g is interrupting.
* tested what the pre-processing was giving.
 The calls to UNBLOCK_ATIMERS are replaced by
 sys_sigunblock ((sys_sigmask (14))) ;

Philippe WAROQUIERS                  Eurocontrol - Central Flow Management Unit
address@hidden  Rue de la fusee, 96
Tel: +32 2 729 97 35                 1130 Brussels
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