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MS-DOS color issues

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: MS-DOS color issues
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 13:40:15 +0100


just a couple of questions & comments regarding
emacs & DOS/tty colors:

* What's the rationale behind using black-on-light-gray as
  defaults for MS-DOS?  DOS is not an xterm, so it seems
  more logical to use the normal *nix tty default (white
  on black).  That, or using the current foreground &
  background active in DOS.

* rgb.txt seems to be incomplete, or the color name matching
  routine does not match that used by X; I took my GNU/Linux
  customization settings and tried them under DOS; most
  worked reasonably as expected, but other did not.

 - font-lock-comment-face was PaleViolet, but this color
   is apparently unknown, resulting in the default
   foreground color (white, in my case)
 - ediff's highlighting faces had their background set to
   PaleWhite, resulting in the default background (black,
   in my case), which in combination with 'Black' being
   foreground color yielded unreadable text).

  In both cases, simply changing the color name helped,
  but color names valid under X should be valid elsewhere
  as well (which is why rgb.txt is included in the first
  place, right?).

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