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Re: Background mode detection fails with rxvt-xterm, xterm and , konsole

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Background mode detection fails with rxvt-xterm, xterm and , konsole
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 16:05:18 +0200 (IST)

On 25 Oct 2001, Gerd Moellmann wrote:

> >     * startup.el (normal-top-level): Don't operate on the initial
> >     frame if we failed to create one.
> > 
> > That change made the entire block of code which, in particular, 
> > looks at $TERM and sets the background mode accordingly--made it 
> > conditional on frame-initial-frame being non-nil.  However, AFAICS, at 
> > that point frame-initial-frame is _always_ nil, since the code which 
> > creates the initial frame did not yet have the opportunity to run (it is 
> > run from command-line).  So the the code which detects of xterm and its 
> > ilk doesn't get run at all.
> Hm, I didn't follow the control flow, but judging from the stuff done
> in the `when' like frame-notice-user-settings I believe the frame must
> have been created already.  I think the the problem is that the
> variable frame-initial-frame is only used in certain cases, for
> example when starting on X.

I will test with your change, but IIRC from my testing earlier today, 
frame-initial-frame is nil at that point on X as well.

As for frame-notice-user-settings, it is called again later in the code, 
so perhaps it is actually called only once.

Who exactly should invoke normal-top-level?  The only place I see is when 
startup.el is loaded, but since it's preloaded, does that mean it only 
happens at dump time?

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