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Re: Toolkit scrollbars do not work properly.

From: Lute Kamstra
Subject: Re: Toolkit scrollbars do not work properly.
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:39:05 GMT

Hello Eli,

> > Thank you for your work on Emacs 21!  I've been following the progress
> > for some time now by using the pretests and for me something has gone
> > wrong in the transition from the pretest version 21.0.106 to the
> > release version 21.1.  

> I'm not sure I understand: are you saying that version 21.0.106 built on 
> the same system with the same configure switches and in particular with 
> the same version of Motif didn't show these problems, whereas the 
> released version 21.1 does?

That is exactly what I'm saying.  As a matter of fact, I used a shell script
for it which looks like this:

make                     \
./configure              \
  --without-gcc          \
  --with-x-toolkit=motif \
  --with-xpm             \
  --with-jpeg            \
  --with-tiff            \
  --with-gif             \
  --with-png             \

I've been using this script for all the pretest versions since
21.0.103 as well as for version 21.1 and as far as I know, nothing has
changed on my system (i.e. same version of motif).  But I cannot be
sure about that since I do not maintain all the software on my system.

> Is it possible that you built the pretest with some other toolkit, like 
> Xaw3d?

That will be a no.


  Lute Kamstra.

Lute Kamstra
CWI department PNA4
Office M233
email: address@hidden                    phone: (+31) 20 592 4214

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