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C-x C-f /a/non/existent/place/like/this

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: C-x C-f /a/non/existent/place/like/this
Date: 15 Oct 2001 11:56:18 +0800
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When one does C-x C-f /a/non/existent/place/like/this
we do indeed notice a
   Use C-u M-x make-directory RET RET to create directory and its parents
in the minibuffer, if we were paying attention.  The next time we get
a message from the minibuffer it's upon wanting to quit:
...no such directory
and also sometimes
   Autosaving...error for address@hidden

Therefore I think you should _rethink_ what you expect a novice to do
when faced with all this.  Why don't you insist that they take the
make-directory advice first before opening the door to non-existant
suite # 44444444 only to find that they are indeed beginning a skyjump
when they thought they were entering a hotel room and the uPS only has
3 minutes left for them to figure out what to do...
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