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first check for illegal command line arguments

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: first check for illegal command line arguments
Date: 13 Oct 2001 22:18:16 +0800
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$ emacs -batch-byte-compile .emacs_/ibuffer.el
OK, and then it goes thru all the trouble of starting the
graphical interface just to tell me that it is an unknown command line

Anyway, never mind about what I was trying to do, I know how to get it
done in other ways, my point is emacs has no excuse for starting its
graphical etc. interfaces before checking for illegal command line
arguments.  How can this ever be good?  Why can't just print out the
emacs --help message instead?  Wouldn't that speed the user along into
getting the invocation right instead of the lumbering "hours-a-pop"
whole startup that one would intend for a program that one intends to
run for days, which is right, but not when we want rapid feedback at
this point, when we would reinvoke it anyway.
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