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Re: 21.x feature request: windows shortcut support

From: David Masterson
Subject: Re: 21.x feature request: windows shortcut support
Date: 10 Oct 2001 13:19:32 -0700
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>>>>> Eli Zaretskii writes:

[...supporting Windows shortcuts...]

> It's not easy; 
> So in order to support shortcuts as if they were symlinks, the
> Windows port of Emacs needs to have a wrapper for each file-oriented
> library function, and that wrapper needs to resolve the shortcut,
> and then call the library function with the actual file name
> recorded in the shortcut.

Perhaps its not that hard and perhaps it doesn't even need to be done
at the C level.  All you need is a Lisp function that could:

1. Parse the binary shortcut file (how do you do that?).
2. Extract the filename that the shortcut refers to.
3. Call find-alternate-file on the extracted file.
4. Maybe call cd to cd back to the original directory?

Then you could attach this function to "\\.lnk\\'" (don't shortcuts
always end in ".lnk"?) in the auto-mode-alist.

David Masterson                dmaster AT synopsys DOT com
Sr. R&D Engineer               Synopsys, Inc.
Software Engineering           Sunnyvale, CA

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