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Re: cvs-prefix-define confuses apropos

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: cvs-prefix-define confuses apropos
Date: 04 Oct 2001 13:35:35 -0400
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>>>>> "Matt" == Matt McClure <address@hidden> writes:
> Hmmm.  I think I spoke too soon.  I could swear it worked once, but I'm
> getting the same error again.  I manually changed "cons" to "concat" in
> cvs-prefix-define's definition in pcl-cvs-util.el and byte-compiled it.
> Any idea what's going on?

You need to byte-compile the other files as well (at least pcl-cvs.el).

> I notice that you made the change in pcvs-util.el.  Has the file changed
> names in a new version of PCL-CVS?  I have 2.9.9, which appears to be
> the newest available at ftp://rum.cs.yale.edu/pub/monnier/pcl-cvs.  Is
> there a newer version available somewhere else?

It got renamed when it became part of Emacs, so yes there's a slightly
newer version that will come with the proverbial Emacs-21.


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