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Re: query-replace-regexp

From: David desJardins
Subject: Re: query-replace-regexp
Date: 01 Oct 2001 16:31:32 -0700

Stefan Monnier <monnier+gnu.emacs.bug/news/@RUM.cs.yale.edu> writes:
>> Is it possible to modify query-replace-regexp such that it
>> understands both `^J' and `\n'?
> Of course, you can modify it to do that.  But that will basically
> mean that you need to double your backslashes in other cases like
> \\(blkbl\\).

I don't find that claim very convincing.  Why wouldn't it be possible
for the two-character sequence \ n to have a special meaning to
query-replace-regexp, just as \ ) and \ 1 do?

                                        David desJardins

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