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Re: spanish keys

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: spanish keys
Date: 29 Jun 2001 09:37:25 -0400
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>>>>> "Cancerbero" == Cancerbero  <address@hidden> writes:
> my keyboard. It's works perfectly in all the applications. In emacs, too,
> but with a little exception: sometimes, (I don't know why or when), in
> emacs, the tildes and the "acutes" (the spannish caracters),
> stop  working. When I press some of this keys, a beeps sounds but nothing

The `sometimes' is most likely when your mouse moves outside of the Emacs
window, f.ex. when it is on the window's decoration.  So moving your
mouse a few pixels to bring it back into the Emacs window itself (for
example by selecting a menu entry, ...) fixes it.

It seems this bug is fixed in the current code, so it should hopefully
not appear anymore in the upcoming release.


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