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Re: debugging emacs

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: debugging emacs
Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 09:58:09 -0600

Richard Stallman wrote:
> Adam Sulmicki wrote:
> >     now I can press any key, and it will cause both frames to unhighlight 
> > the
> >     text. [THIS is the code chain I look : from pressing a key until the
> >     text gets unhighligted]
> That sounds like the intended behavior to me.  The highlighting that
> results from selecting a region with the mouse does not last past the
> next command.

I think Adam's complaint is that the intended behavior doesn't occur when
multiple displays are in use:

> > on similar token. if I open two frames, but on two different displays (via
> > "Open New Display), and highlight text in one, (just like in example above
> > except that two different displays are used). then pressing any key on the
> > original display will not result in text being unhighlited, in fact will
> > not result in any action.
> > 
> > from looking over code I know the keystrokes are received and processed by
> > emacs, it just that they gets buffered, and will not result in unselecting
> > of text.

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