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Inabilty to locate desktop.el

From: Ivan Mahon
Subject: Inabilty to locate desktop.el
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 20:23:00 GMT

Eli alsked me to post the keywords I used to attempt to find desktop.el (and

I did succeed on my Win2000 installation but failed on a subsequent NT
installation so it was probably bad luck.

I started with the customisation system and found save-places in the data
sub-group. I would probably expect this to be in convenience but I'm sure
there is a good reason. I basically read almost all the customisation tree
(looking for what was available - I am used to previous versions). I must
have missed the desktop bit (it may not be there - I haven't gotten back to
the machine with emacs on yet) so I ended up using apropos  and plain old
grep in the lisp directory (keywords such as save places, reload, reinstate,
remember, restore). Most just had too many hits to be useful. My guess is
that a useful place to mention desktop restore would be save-places (because
it appeals to the same mindset I think), otherwise somewhere in
customisation under convenience.

At least I will remember this time and guard my .emacs carefully.

Please note that this is the first time I have asked about emacs, it has
always served me very well despite the fact that I have to change machines
from contract to contract and don't always get a chance to use (almost never
on Unix now).

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