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[bug-gnu-crypto] Medicaid calculated

From: Roddy Cabrera
Subject: [bug-gnu-crypto] Medicaid calculated
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 11:37:47 +0300

During Warrior Two, Emmett wouldn't let go of his mom's pants drawstring, and when he did, he grabbed her pant cuff and sucked as if he might inhale the entire garment.
"I have a pretty easy baby," I said, and knew that it was true.
Yet, I feel as if I'm in some complicated mama time roller coaster, reaching for the next stage yet desperate to hang onto the stage I'm in.
I wished I had something prepared, some anecdote or advice request that would demonstrate my commitment to this community. A little north of age two, Everett started using words that sounded suspiciously like swearwords.
He gamely showered and helped pack up the car, but his heart wasn't in it.
"I have a pretty easy baby," I said, and knew that it was true.
I soon moved away, back home to Portland, Oregon. Then, Everett was born, and life went on.
I had to separate the two of them and calm everyone down so I could corral my delicious treat in a cardboard cage.
Jonathan's buddy Private Miller was called up, and so he called her corporal and asked if he could volunteer. Evidently, I'm not taking good enough care of myself.
AOL gets me there faster. Three moms in a row were starting work, and dealing with child care and an imminent ramp-up to full time.
I should feel totally absolved, given my past as a daycare-using, breast-pumping mom!
Every time we walked past, Everett would ask, "can we go IN there?
I want him to be able to pull his pants up on his own and answer the phone and draw a picture of me.
I'd intended to run out a little over three miles, and just get as far back as I could stand. My lack of schedules.
I've been having a grand time blogging TV and food on two other blogs.
My failure to provide my boys with appropriate bath frequency. I've never wished to return to Ashburn, Virginia, and I probably never will.
I stood him on my crossed calves, looking out at the other babies and mamas. Parents who swear when their babies are babies come to a crossroads around preschool.
I've been dealing with a wicked sugar-butter-chocolate craving, nothing can feed it in quite the right way.

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