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[bug-gnu-crypto] milk penitence

From: Rosalie Farley
Subject: [bug-gnu-crypto] milk penitence
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 05:59:04 -0400

Ernestwas a difficult name to get used to.
With one lash he curled to the ground the vase ofchrysanthemums.
This, then, was the truffle he had routed out of the earth!
For, he murmured, laying the palms of his hands together, it is to bea long week-end. At lastshe turned on the light and looked at Ernest lying beside her. And what, said Rosalind, on the last day of the honeymoon, did theKing do to-day?
The shield of the Rashleighs crashed from the wall.
Or was it a rat running behind the plaster?
Old friend, he repeated, old friend, as if he licked the words.
He straightened his tieat the looking-glass over the mantelpiece.
Milly Masters in the still room, began old Miss Rashleigh. The birds were dead now, their claws gripped tight,though they gripped nothing.
Then, silently, the enormously high door opened. He watched the clock in itsshagreen case. A whiteshawl, diamond fastened, clouded her baldness. She looked at her father-in-law, a furtivelittle man with dyed moustaches. He paused; struck a match, and twitchedagain.
Well, when he was eatingtoast he looked like a rabbit.
It looked as if it had never twitched at all.
Milly Masters grinned as the cart drove off. Their eyes became like pebbles, taken fromwater; grey stones dulled and dried.
Then Miss Antonia raised her glass to the mermaid. Yes; thats what shes called, said Rosalind. She dipped her spoon in a plate of cleargolden fluid.
Hammondflattened himself against the wall. Milly Masters in the still room, began old Miss Rashleigh. She felt as if her body had shrunk; it had grown small, and black andhard.
There they lay in the glow of the peach-blossom taffeta.
Tufts ofwhite smoke held together for a moment; then gently solved themselves,faded, and dispersed. There were the wood in which they livedand the outlying prairies and the swamp. Caught in a trap, he said, killed, and sat down and read thenewspaper. With her hands to her hair, her chestnut coloured hair, she stoodin the yard, in the wind. The pheasants looked smaller now, as if their bodies had shrunktogether.
Now he put on his spectacles and examined the pictures.

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