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Illegal Move bei KI in GNU-Chess

From: Frank Michael Schulze
Subject: Illegal Move bei KI in GNU-Chess
Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2007 17:42:04 +0100

Hi there,

I played against the Computer, he was white and set to
"Simple/Beginners/Easy" (whatever the correct word in english is).

After some not so usual start-moves, the computer did an illegal move,
here the move-list:

Start Game
1a white pawn e2 -> e4
1b black knight g8 -> f6
2a white knight b1 -> c3
2b black pawn c7 -> c6
3a white knight g1 -> f3
3b black pawn d7 -> d5
4a white pawn e4 -> e5
4b black knight f6 -> g4
5a white pawn d2 -> d4
5b black pawn f7 -> f5
6a white pawn e5 -> f6    <-- moved to f6, but my pawn is on f5, so he
is not allowd to move sidewards and there is no chance killing my pawn
even if he would be allowed to do so :P

Using glChess 2.20.1 under Ubuntu 7.10.

Michael Schulze

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