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More details

From: hotukcm
Subject: More details
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:24:33 +1000
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I have seen attempts to pro/mote, re/fer and re/cruit
other people into your business recently.

Do you think that you are definitely lacking the
knowledge and resources to succeed in it?

I am sure you do. 

To make a good in_come from your bus/iness you
will need to get a niche area to pro/mote where
no one else is pro/moting yet.

Look. When you buy into a business the first
thing you should think about before paying is;

a. Where can I find people to sign/up under me?

b. Where can I pro/mote where no one else is
pro/moting to mark/et my business?

c. How can I get noticed by potential customers
if there is thousands of other aff/ilates
pro/moting the same business as me?

d. Am I being mis-lead to how easy it is to market
this business?

You need to make_money right? Less you wouldn't
have bought into yours already.

It's funny most aff/iliates want to earn_more_ money
but don't want to_pay even a small fee for sign/ups
thinking that they will get them from mark/eting on
the 'net alongside all the thousands of others doing
the same every day.

Most forget that they're simply wasting their
marketing efforts on a flooded market but remain
hopeful until the dream comes to an end..... No
in_come and lots of hard earned spent.

Why flood an already saturated Internet with the
same old advert that's being circulated around and
around with the hope of attracting some newbies.

You need to catch a few mark/eters not newbies.

Mark/eters are the backbone of your business.
Once you have the mark/eters the newbies will
follow in their droves bringing with them the
fluid in_come you so desperately need right?

First off you need to locate a keen and
receptive audience to deliver your message to.

Have you got one? 

No you have not. Audiences are for the
privileged few.

Well would you like to buy part of an
audience to deliver your sales_message? 

I have the resources and power to deliver
you sign/ups with no marketing. Just by using
my unique approach and responsive lea.ds you
will experience the best sign/up rates. 

You can get 100's of paid_sign/ups in a
matter of weeks just doing a few hours work.

Wait. Don't click your "reply_to" button.
Please only send replies to this email address:

If you need to re/fer people into your business
or get more_orders then you need to contact
me and get started. You won't look back. That's
a personal promise.

Send me an email to this address: 

Put your name and URL in the subject line like
this: ("Your name" - "Business URL") plus add
it to the message too. I will check my resources
and make a unique targeted d/base of powerful
le.ads for your requirements that will turn your
dreary slow and zero excitement current business
into a thriving thrilling commercial enterprise
that will shock your family and friends.

It's easy use my 8 years experience.

"I had 30 paid_sign/ups this week using a $199
USD d/base" - Florida

"I've had 117 inquiries and 15 paid_sign/ups
this week" - New Zealand

"I've had a great response and have seen 10
paid_sign/ups so far and it's only been 7 days"
- UK

Would you like to be writing a testimonial for
me next week?

If you want to request me to terminate mails to
you, please send me an email to:
address@hidden and it will cease from 12
hours. Put "stop220" in the subject line.

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