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3 times in a week, so much fun!

From: Glen G. Cummings
Subject: 3 times in a week, so much fun!
Date: Fri, 27 May 2005 14:53:17 +0000

Hey man!!

I really forgot to tell you about how crazy this new site is! HOLY !!!
There's thousands of girls on it, kind of a dating site.
It's so cool and real that it's not even funny, I got laid 3 times this 

There's this chick BambyHOT777 and her two friends , ohhh she's so good, 
your age I think.

Try this out , trust me, no credit card none of that stuff.

You find here so many girls I'm just shocked; anyway, you can thank me 
don't let the good ones go away.

Gotta go meet this next 36 years old girl now, she's bi but whatever :)

Ah, here's the site, check it out, you'll love it


If you don't like this stuff let me know

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