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Contents for JAWS for Windows and the Real World Web

From: address@hidden
Subject: Contents for JAWS for Windows and the Real World Web
Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 10:45:30 -0400

Contents for 
JAWS for Windows and the Real World Web

Section 1: Getting Started

1.  Some Important Internet Explorer Settings
2.  Navigating on Web Pages
3.  Links.

Section 2: The Big Three

4.  Headings
5.  Text
6.  Tables

Section 3: Other Important Web Navigation Techniques

7. Frames 
8.  Lists and Blockquotes 
9.  Forms
10.  New Features in JUFW 5.0: OnMouseOver, Clickable, Speech and Sounds Manager

Section 4: More About Internet Explorer

11.  Overview of Menus and Toolbars
12.  Launching Web Pages
13.  Selecting, Saving and Organizing Web Content
14.  More about Internet Explorer Settings

Section 5: Configuring JFW for the Web

15.  Overview of the Configuration Process
16.  Text Options
17.  Graphics Options
18.  Links Options
19.  Lists and Tables Options
20.  Headings and Frames Options
21.  Miscellaneous Options

Section 6: Other Important Topics

22.  Internet Audio
23.  Uploading and Downloading Files
24.  Web Mail
25.  Airline Reservations
26.  Overview of Online Banking
27.  Searching the Web, Google and beyond
28.  Popups, addware and spyware
29  PDF documents
30.  What to do when things don't work

Appendix: Changes, additions, corrections and new information.

For more information about the course, send a blank message to address@hidden

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2219 Rucker Ave. #204
Everett WA 98201 USA
(425) 876-4406

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