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Re: Idepth and other issues

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: Idepth and other issues
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 14:33:12 +0000
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Tim Bedding wrote:
> The file main.c has a variable
>   int Idepth;
> and I cannot see what this means.
> I checked the README but did not find
> anything on it.
> There seems to be a calculation
> Idepth/DEPTH which always returns
> an integer. Is this the number of
> ply?

Idepth is the depth to search to in multiples of DEPTH.

So Idepth=48 (DEPTH=12) means this is the 4th time searching
through iterate, and we should search 4 ply (plus extensions).

> Could the code be simplified
> to avoid this calculation?

Outside of output handling, the code should avoid the division -
I think two exist - I'll look at them but I don't think either
is performance sensitive.

I think there maybe some lurking need to have multiples of
DEPTH, although most of this code is long gone, and losing
"DEPTH" would make much of it more readable.

THREATEXT is also stale code - probably ought to be polished and
included, or dumped.

> Also, it would be nice for the
> README to cover the output format
> of the principal variation.
> I see 1+ 2& 2. but do not know
> what they mean.

I'll check the documentation covers these.

AFAIK "+" fail high, "-" fail low, "&" thinking, "." done thinking.
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