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Analysis mode

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Analysis mode
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 22:38:25 +0000
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Simon Waters wrote:
> and started on ANALYZE command, which is going well (as far as I
> have got).

After Lukas's hard work on the pondering code, "analyze" was
easy to add, but that was the plan (such as I had one ;-).

I have committed the ANALYZE change to CVS. Currently it doesn't
really need the flag allocated to ANALYZE (in common.h), but if
we wish to add the response to ".\n" or other optional analysis
features I think it will be useful to know if it is suppose to
be doing analysis.

Initially you may see some weird node counts, but it settles
down. I'll go over the detailed output when one or two other
minor fixes have been applied.

The protocol allows GNU Chess to report time in seconds, not
centiseconds, as it sends a character after the "ply", I had to
change ShowLine in search.c to accomodate this (I suspect the
output code may have been "decaying" for a while, as I don't
know of anything that has been using it, so be prepared for a
few odd bugs). I also updated comments to reflect the changes.

I have done basic testing of "analyze" with XBOARD, and have
briefly fired it up under SCID (remember the command is
"gnuchess xboard" to see if anything happened and it just worked
as far as I can see).

The "exit" command is now overloaded, when in doubt use "quit".

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