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Re: Chess

From: Stuart Cracraft
Subject: Re: Chess
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 02:39:16 +0800

Hi Peter,

-----Original Message-----
From: "Peter Cervieri"
Date: Fri, 8 Feb 2002 11:54:52 -0500
Subject: Chess

> hi stuart,
> i just downloaded the GNU chess program. however, i have no idea how to
> start the program so i can play. did i download the source code or the end
> user application (which is what i wanted to download)?

Please read the README and INSTALL files. They're in the distribution. Since we do not formally/informally support Microsoft, you won't find a compiled binary in there to run. There should be no problem if you are familiar with compilation on handling that with CygWin. Please use www.google.com to locate/download the appropriate environment for compilation. Or, a helpful GNUChessNik may be willing to send you a gnuchess.exe as well.

> in my chess folder i have 3 other folders: book, doc, src; and two files:
> copying and install. when i click on install the prompt asks me which
> program i want to use to open this file.

This is a Windows usage issue.  Suggest picking up a training book. Besides, it isn't the way to do the install. You could click on the README and INSTALL files.  Select notepad or wordpad for the application to use. Note:: I do not formally or informally support Microsoft products.

> i went to the faq page to no avail.
> any help would be appreciated.

The README/INSTALL will help you get started. It may be a hard road though if you are new to installations/compilation in general tho... best bet is to ask around for a gnuchess.exe pre-compiled for your PC's architecture though all should be compatible, you will get more performance out of one compiled for it. And again, I do not support Microsoft vis a vis GNU Chess.

> thanks,
> peter
> Peter Cervieri
> Distance Learning, Inc
> 135 Fifth Avenue
> New York, NY 10010
> address@hidden
> 212-353-0022 x11
> http://www.dli.com


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