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Re: non XFREE86 interface

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: non XFREE86 interface
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 10:23:59 +0000

> "R.Rice" wrote:
> Is there a non XFREE86 interface for gnuchess better than the
> "show board" command that I can download if not where can I
> find info on how to write one like how do I get info out of
> gnuchess into my program and what format will it be in will I
> need to mess with gnuchess source code to make it work how
> dose xboard work

There are some other interfaces, but I don't use them, and I
doubt any are as featured as Xboard. Windows has WinBoard, you
don't mention OS.

Try searching www.deja.com for "engines" in
rec.games.chess.computer for more ideas.

If you are programming a GUI or other chess program take a look
at using the same interface as Xboard. i.e. Start gnuchess with
"gnuchess xboard". That way your interface will be guaranteed to
be maintained.

Tim Mann looks after the interface standard, he has a Yahoo
group discussion extensions and implementation isssues. An html
file in the xboard source code gives a brief introduction to


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April 2002

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