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Here's an offer for you!

From: updates
Subject: Here's an offer for you!
Date: Thu, 07 Jun 2001 10:28:02 -0400

Right now is the best time for you to start monetizing your traffic and begin making real money!

Check out our games at http://www.worldwinner.com/cgi/welcome/21015

Worldwinner.com would like to offer you the best revenue producing business model on the web for free...in fact we'll pay you! That's right, with WorldWinner's affiliate model you can have your own pay for play game section up on your site in less than an hour and making money. We'll even let you keep the header and footer to advertise away as people from all over the world spend an average of $33 a day playing our suite of pay to play games. We'll also be happy to send you 25% of every dollar right back to you every single month. The proof is always in the metrics and here they are:

- Average returning user spends $33 per day playing at Worldwinner and its affiliate sites. Nobody else comes close.
-15% of all converted players return daily, and that number is growing.

The proof is also in the Partners: look who else has a co-brand site or partner links.

- IWin.com
- FreeLotto.com
- Snowball.com
- BigPrizes.com
- Uproar.com
- MyFree.com
- Jackpot.com
- PAXtv.com
- NYDailyNews.com
- And hosts of other top 500 sites (Media Metrix and PCData) with more and more every day!

Why have all these huge sites partnered up with Worldwinner.com? Because the future of the Internet is all about paid content, and Worldwinner has proven pay for play game content that users absolutely love and pay dearly for! We offer full daily reporting capabilities for your traffic and will even give your users $5 free just to join.

That's pretty much all you need to know to start monetizing the traffic you've already got coming in each and every day.

At WorldWinner.com we believe that advertising is not a stand-alone business model, but it is good for paying for your customer acquisition costs. Adding a real money paid content back end on top of your existing advertising supported model is where the real dollars are. That's the model that will work, and we're offering to pay you to do it. This truly is one of the simpler decisions in life. We won't rest until every site, big and small, partners with WorldWinner.com. What are you waiting for? Sign up now at http://partner.worldwinner.com/21015

WorldWinner.com Partnership Team

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