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Branded/Private Label Realtime Internet Travel Booking Engine

From: John Hazlewood
Subject: Branded/Private Label Realtime Internet Travel Booking Engine
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 20:11:21 -0500


   My name is John Hazlewood and I came upon your site and think
   there is a GREAT opportunity for us to partner. At TheStoreMaker.com
   you can create your own branded/private label travel website with
   your own banners, logo's, custom design, and graphics for FREE.

   You can then create a link from your home page to your new branded
   travel site that includes on line real time air, car, and hotel
   reservations. We offer a feature that allows you to disable air, car, or
   hotel...for example if you only want to sell air and car you can easily
   disable the hotel booking engine. Once the branded travel site is created
   you add a link from your home page to the first page of your branded
   travel site.

   When someone comes to your branded travel site and buys
   something you will make 30% of the commission. Please take a look
   at some of the sample sites created and then make your own for FREE
   with our automated branding tool...it is very easy to do and only
   takes a few minutes. Use the advanced edit button for greater
   customization. Our site is located at http://www.thestoremaker.com .
   Please feel free to email or call me with any question. I can be
   reached in Austin Texas at 512-327-5223.

   If I accidentally emailed the wrong person I sincerely apologize.
   Can you please forward this to the appropriate person in your

   Thank you and have a GREAT day!


   P.S. You may have heard about the laws being passed regarding
   unsolicited emails. The law requires that I include following 
   opt-out instructions: Future transmissions to you by the sender 
   of this email may be stopped at no cost to you by replying to 
   this message with .remove. and the email address in the subject.

   P.P.S. Another great advantage about our travel booking system is
   that we not only sell retail/published fares but also integrate
   consolidator/negotiated prices so you and your customers get the
   cheapest fares available.

   TheStoreMaker.com Inc
   2108-A Homdale Austin, Texas 78704
   John Hazlewood<address@hidden>

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