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Gnu chess

From: Oliver, Glenn, VTC-SEx
Subject: Gnu chess
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 16:35:01 +0100

Hi all,

Earlier versions of GNU chess allowed one to view book.dat (with a bit of
manual tailoring) via some conventional editor, such as Word.

The file now seems to be completely encoded.

This may well help the program run faster, but it surely doesn't help the
poor so-and-sos, such as myself, who would like to beat it more often than
once in a blue moon, or less as CPU MHz inexorably rises, and so require a
preview of its book strategies.

If you would be kind enough to make available to me the current book data,
e.g. as vanilla text, I'll return it to you in a readily searchable form,
such as Excel, which you could then make available with the rest of the GNU
chess suite, if you wish.

GNU / Winboard is a fine project.

Mannesmann TeleCommerce
Glenn Oliver
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Rehhecke 50
40885 Ratingen

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Email: address@hidden

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