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[Bug-gnu-arch] [bug #5603] Use `id' instead of `tag' and `id-tagging' in

From: nobody
Subject: [Bug-gnu-arch] [bug #5603] Use `id' instead of `tag' and `id-tagging' instead of `tagging'
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2003 14:24:39 -0400
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=================== BUG #5603: LATEST MODIFICATIONS ==================

Changes by: Tom Lord <address@hidden>
Date: Fri 10/10/2003 at 11:24 (US/Pacific)

            What     | Removed                   | Added
          Resolution | None                      | Fixed
              Status | Open                      | Closed
       Fixed Release | address@hidden/tla--devo--1.1--patch-35 | tla-1.1pre8, 

=================== BUG #5603: FULL BUG SNAPSHOT ===================

Submitted by: miles                   Project: GNU arch -- a revision control 
Submitted on: Sun 09/28/2003 at 00:11
Category:  tla                        Severity:  5 - Major                  
Bug Group:  small feature idea        Resolution:  Fixed                    
Status:  Closed                       Release:  
Fixed Release:  tla-1.1pre8, address@hidden/tla--devo--1.1--patch-190
Merge Request?:  yes -- merge from my archive
Your Archive Name:  address@hidden Archive Location:  
Assigned to:  None                    

Summary:  Use `id' instead of `tag' and `id-tagging' instead of `tagging'

Original Submission:  This renames the various commands &c that deal with 
inventory ids (ne tags), to use the term `id' instead of `tag', and 
`id-tagging' instead of `tagging'.  The unrelated `tla tag' command is not 

The general idea is that `id' is a somewhat more widespread name for this 
concept (and was already used in many places in arch), whereas `tag', while not 
all that bad, is easily confused with the CVS notion of `tag'.  The act of 
associating an id with a file, however, still needs a term, and `id tagging' is 
used for that (think of the tag as something you write the id on).

The changeset format is not changed, so {arch}/=tagging-method is unchanged; 
however the command to access it is now `tla id-tagging-method'.

The commands for operating on file ids are now:

                    id : report the inventory id for a file

     id-tagging-method : print or change a project tree id tagging method

                   add : add an explicit inventory id

                add-id : (alias for add)

                delete : remove an explicit inventory id

             delete-id : (alias for delete)

                  move : move an explicit inventory id

               move-id : (alias for move)

      explicit-default : print or modify default ids

            default-id : (alias for explicit-default)

   id-tagging-defaults : print the default =tagging-method contents

Follow-up Comments

Date: Tue 10/07/2003 at 16:09       By: miles
I've done a merge from your (Tom) most recent tla--dev--1.1, patch-188, which 
fixes a number of conflicts (mostly whitespace, blah).

It was nice to see file-ids in action, BTW: the star-merge proceed painlessly, 
even though some of your changes were to files which are renamed in my branch!

My updated revision is: address@hidden/tla--devo--1.1--patch-36

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